EN Odlewnia Żeliwa i Metali Nieżelaznych „SPOMEL” S.P.

Miscellaneous castings

Grafika Circle TL125 NEW

Circle TL125 NEW

Material: EN-GJL-200
Weight: 1,27 kg

Grafika Circle TL160R NEW

Circle TL160R NEW

Material: EN-GJL-200
Weight: 2,60 kg

Grafika Circle TL200

Circle TL200

Material: EN-GJL-200
Weight: 6,30 kg

Grafika Circle TL200 NEW

Circle TL200 NEW

Material: EN-GJL-200
Weight: 5,30 kg

Odlewnia Żeliwa i Metali Nieżelaznych „SPOMEL” S.P.

ul. Abrahama 15
84-300 Lębork, Polska
Central Tel. +48 59 863 33 60
Secretary’s Office Tel. +48 59 862 10 62
e-mail: spomel@spomel.eu

NIP: 841-000-36-28
REGON: 000408273
KRS: 000013691
BDO: 000073276

Odlewnia  „SPOMEL” S.P. w Lęborku

We provide a comprehensive service that entails casting design, foundry equipment production, mechanical processing and painting (also in cooperation with our specialised partners), packaging (per the agreed specifications), and delivery.

The company specializes in manufacturing castings weighing 0.5÷50 kg, made of cast iron of the following grades:


Material marking

PN-EN 1561



ISO 185

Grade 150

Grade 200

DIN 1691

GG 15

GG 20



Kodex UIC 832V




We manufacture castings in accordance with procedures established as part of the certified quality management system per the ISO 9001 standard, and the manufacturing cycle is carried out in compliance with occupational health and safety standards and principles for environmental protection, with the use of the best technology available.

The main buyers of our castings are manufacturers of agricultural machinery, water and sewage equipment and installations, railway rolling stock, energy equipment, and road infrastructure elements.

The company constantly cooperates with industry research institutes and universities in order to improve its products and processes 

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