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Castings for railway rolling stock

The iron castings for rolling stock must meet the highest standards in order to ensure their safety and reliability in the extreme operating conditions associated with railway transportation.

Parts for agricultural machinery

Owing to their high mechanical strength, wear resistance and ability to maintain stable properties under various operating conditions, iron castings are widely used in the production of agricultural machinery parts.

Water, sewage and road castings

Iron castings are widely used to manufacture manhole covers and road grates. Their durability and resistance to static and dynamic loads make them an ideal choice for intensive vehicle traffic.

Furnace castings

Iron furnace castings are an indispensable element for the industrial sector, where durability, high temperature resistance and precise construction are crucial to the efficient operation of furnaces and other thermal equipment.

Weights, ballasts

Due to its large mass and durability, cast iron is a material commonly used for the production of weights and ballasts. Its density makes it perfect for obtaining high mass with relatively small dimensions

Miscellaneous castings

Iron castings are used in the automotive industry, construction, machinery, energy, household appliances and many others.

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