Assortment of produced P 10 cast-iron brake blocks since 1990 (according to PN-K-88151 i UIC 832) currently includes:

- 4 types without edge (according to ZN-94?PKP-3517-04 norm) with against-spark orificial dilatations: DO-250B, DO-320B, DO-380B and D 2B, for which we possess "The certificate of admission to exploitation" of unlimited duration issued by chief railway system inspector,

Type Application
D0-250B passenger cars and goods wagons ; diesel vehicles SM30, SP30, SR53, SR71, Su42;
D0-320B electric locomotives EP05, EP06, EU07, ET21, ET22, ET40;
D0-380B diesel locomotives SU46, SM31, SP45, SP47; parowozy Ty2, Ty42,
D2B Ty43; electric articulated trains EW55, EW58, EW60, EN57, EN71, EN94


- brake blocks according documentation of Deutsche Bahn AG. We have qualification of suppliers product for production of brake blocks from grey cast iron P10 given by DB AG:


- brake blocks for British and Irish railway:

- brake blocks according to customer specification for Scandinavian customers: